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Core Industries' blanks are the most stable foam blank produced Internationally. Surfboards shaped from Core Industries blanks are proven to have the least snapages and dents without compromising on the lightness or surfability of the board. We also have UV resisters to keep our blanks the whitest foam in the world.

Core Industries


  • STRENGTH & LIGHTNESS - The strength to weight ratio (hardness) are the hardest and lightest blanks in production.

  • BENEFIT FOR SHAPERS - Our stringers are glued in place using Polyurethane Resin. Custom made stringers are available.

  • HIGH DENSITY - The density of our blanks is all throughout the cross section of the board and not only skin deep.

  • FLEXIBILITY TO USE LESS GLASS & RESIN - Our blanks give the laminator more flexibility to use less glass and resin due to the fundamental strength of our foam. This contributes to the overall board weight reduction and added benefits to the surfability of the finished product.

  • EXCEPTIONAL FOAM STABILITY - our blanks are more stable than any other surfboard blank foam under extreme environmental conditions.

  • WHITENESS - Boards shaped from Core Industries blanks stay whiter than any other in surf shops keeping their sale value.

  • OVERALL VALUE - Less breakages, excellent resale value, longer lasting boards and more enjoyment for surfers riding our boards.
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